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NBC 4 - How to Turn Your Garage Into an Office Space

Kathryn Everett has been working from her Chevy Chase, Maryland home during the pandemic and has found her new home office was just a few feet away - the garage outside her house. News4's Erika Gonzalez reports.

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Archello Home Office

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Apartment Therapy

Project picked up from the Washingtonian and published here, during the COVID pandemic.

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Architectural Digest | "A passion for quality, a taste for the unique"

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Home Builder Digest | The Best Residential Architects of Arlington

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Best of Arlington 2016 - Best Architect

Many Arlington houses were built in the 1940s and suffer from “small closets, tiny kitchens and no mudrooms,” observes architect Seth Ballard. His decade-old firm is frequently called upon to open up those cramped spaces while preserving the “character and charm” of the home’s original design. Ballard, who earned his master’s in architecture from Tulane University (his business partner is his father-in-law in Spain), says he learned a lot about how families occupy their homes simply by watching how his own four children—ages 8 to 16—live, study and play. “They come with a lot of stuff,” he says. “I try to make sure there is a place for all of it.” –Amy Rogers Nazarov
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Residential Project of the Year

Our Cleveland Park Project was chosen as 'Residential Project of the Year' by Home and Design in 2017. This project created a balance between modern and historic by emphasizing timber beams and other historic aspects in a home that had modern interior design and amenities. 

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Ballard + Mensua Architecture Receives Exclusive Honors from Houzz

"Congratulations! Your reviews and contributions to Houzz discussions have unlocked two new badges for your website. 

The Influencer badge is given to pros whose advice and knowledgeable posts are most appreciated by the Houzz community, while the Recommended badge goes only to the top-rated pros on Houzz. That's you!"

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House of the Month

Ballard +Mensua Architecture's project at 3127 51st Place was named "Home of the Month" for July, 2018 by 'The Kent Connection.' Praised for its attention to detail and high quality build, the Kent Development offers a modern refuge where a homeowner can indulge in extragant leisure and comfort. The article tells readers that, "This newly completed home is going on the market this month and will offer one lucky buyer an expectional opportunity to movie into a luxury home in our great neighborhood that has been designed and detailed by a top architect and built for a discerning client who cares about quality and design." Look to the article to read more about this first class home and find it on our projects page as well as on Houzz for more pictures. 

Top 100 Designers 2014

Ballard + Mensua

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Top 100 Designers 2012

Top 100 Designers 2011

New American Luxury. December 2011

Seth Ballard discusses "craft" with Finn Mostow in the December 2011 issue.

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Fairfax Connection 2009

Ballard + Mensua's renovation of the Historic Lowery House is featured in the Fairfax Connection.

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El Dorado Stone

The "All Points of View" project, our waterfront conversion of an out-dated modern-style residence, lands a spread in El Dorado's catalogue as an exemplary application of their products.

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Architecture Leaders Today

Ballard+Mensua shows its appreciation for the American craftsman with three of the firm's most recent residential projects.

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Angie's List - 2013 Super Service Award

For achieving and maintaining a superior service rating on Angie's List throughout 2013 as determined by Angie's List members in the category of: ARCHITECTS & BUILDING DESIGN

Angie's List Super Service Award

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Best of Houzz 2014

Read our clients' reviews on one of the most popular social media websites for home design ideas.

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