The Amazing Porch

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Our clients for this project are best friends with all of their neighbors and are always hosting large parties. In an early meeting, I saw the largest birthday cake I had ever seen and realized we needed to create a large party space. They are wonderful hosts and even every meeting we had was fun and always over food.

The existing house was a basic suburban house in Silver Spring with a nice kitchen renovation already complete and a huge deck.
We designed a front porch with a wrap-around connection to a large screened porch, a large open deck, and stairs down to a large patio and fire pit area. We relocated the existing solar panels.

The contractor named it the amazing porch and the carpenters called us a little crazy, or arquitecto loco for the size of the main ridge beams we specified. The porch has already hosted several large parties and promises to host many more over time.


Silver Spring, MD

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