Row House Renovation Round 2

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After renovating a Logan Circle Rowhouse (see Logan Circle Rowhouse), our client's family grew from no children to three, including twins. They quickly found that they needed space, but wanted to stay in the district.

After selling the last one for a nice profit, they hired us to do it again.

Photographing this one was a little harder, as the twins are eating dinner in the background and there was a lot more stuff to move.

All the more reason for built-ins, however. As you can see, we added built-ins to the Living Room, the Dining Room and removed and re-routed mechanicals in the existing kitchen to gain upper cabinets. By adding new doors off of the rear enclosed porch, we were able to add a bench and cubbies and extend the kitchen back to a new powder room.

We'll see in the end how long this rowhouse can house the growing family and what the next project will bring.


Cleavelend Park, Washington, D.C.

Project Type

historic preservation