Frank M. Bell's Renovation Exteriors

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The following slide show shows a collection of exterior images of large renovations designed by Frank M. Bell. One of the many factors that impressed Seth Ballard about Frank Bell and Bell Builder's history and portfolio is that Frank is one of the only builders we have met who chose to keep the foundations of older homes. While in many cases these days, tearing down proves to be what is best, Frank and Seth have a history of keeping foundations and building over them with almost completely new homes. Realtors list these homes with the name Frank Bell and his name fetches higher sales prices, even on homes that are 20 years old or older. This is because they are so well designed and so well build and engineered throughout. Several neighborhoods in Bethesda and Montgomery County are full of these homes. Frank will no longer be building homes but will be working with Ballard + Mensua to design them and oversee our combined stable of contractors, vendors, and subcontractors to ensure that everything is built to our high standard.



Potomac, Bethesda, Montgomery County

Project Type

large renovations and additions

Newington Rd - Project by Frank M Bell and Ballard & Mensua
Newington Road Home Renovation by Ballard + Mensua
Front exterior of Newington Rd project by Ballard + Mensua
Front exterior of home renovation by Frank M Bell and Ballard + Mensua
Left front exterior of home by Ballard & Mensua
Stately brick entrance to project from Frank M Bell and Ballard + Mensua
Outdoor dining area for the Ballard & Mensua job on Highland Farm Rd
Finalized brick patio for outdoor entertaining on Highland Farm Rd
Front right elevation for the Newington Rd home renovation project
The finished water feature for the Parkston Rd project from Ballard & Mensua and Frank M Bell
The finalized reflecting pond complete with chaise for outdoor entertaining
Wooden pergola for Parkston Rd project from Frank Bell and Ballard + Mensua
Side exterior walkway for Parkston Rd home
Backyard patio details for Parkston Rd project
The front entrance detail from Ballard and Mensua's Purcell project with Frank M Bell
Front left elevation of the Cripplegate home