Carpenter's Challenge

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We labeled this home a Carpenter's Challenge because virtually every corner of every room offers unique trim and built-ins.

This project is truly unique as we started with a large builder home with typical builder finishes. The home had good square footage and some good bones but had a sunken basement, poor light, narrow rooms in a few areas, and a 12:12 roof pitch that was wasted space with nothing but trusses in an attic. 

The husband was raised in California amongst Greene and Greene level craftsman homes and the wife is Austrian. Their work and travels led them to spend a great deal of time in Southeast Asia. All of this experience and a broad collection of art and antiques from around the world have resulted in a unique appreciation for craft and detail.

We actually removed the roof and gained a 3rd-floor library, study, and living suite, but lowered the roof line by 8ft.

A series of smaller additions and removing of walls opened up light and depth to spaces.


Falls Church, VA

Project Type

large renovations and additions